A scientist has predicted the BTC rate will increase to $ 50,000

The volatility of the Bitcoin market is based on the certain rules. It has repeatedly subjected to a close study of the cryptomarket representatives. Recently more scientists of the different specializations, for example, biologists, have joined the research. They think the formation of Bitcoin is similar to the evolution of biological organisms. This hypothesis was suggested by a biologist Pratik Gurkha. A scientist has predicted the future BTC rate up to $ 50,000 using on a model of the population of bacteria development.

He found that the changes in Bitcoin prices are similar to the graph which describes the life cycle of the bacteria. Therefore he replaced crypto traders with the biological creatures in his experimental model. The rules that are used to study the forecast of the development of the biological organism, he used for explanation of the traders' behaviour during the decision-making process.

Cryptocurrency market was described using the biological model. As a result of the research, Gurkha discovered that the bitcoin price chart is identical to the reproductive pattern of bacteria: Lag - Log - Station - Death phases. According to his breakthrough, the changes in the BTC value can be evaluated an, most importantly, we can predict the future behaviour of the bitcoin rate using the mathematical model.


The scientists' theories generate the interest of the cryptomarket representatives. After all, all the crypto traders strive to learn how to predict the dynamics of the cryptocurrency prices and apply this knowledge for their stock trading practice.

During the Lag phase, the bacteria adapt to the environmental conditions. During the Log phase, there is a sharp exponential increase of bacteria: they actively divide until they reach their maximum level, and the environment stops promoting the development of new organisms. Then comes the Station phase, when new bacteria consume all the available resources until they either reach the Death phase or transit into a new growth cycle. You probably already guessed that everything in the world develops according to this scheme and has its own life cycle of development.


What predictions did the biologist make based on his research?

The favorable changes are waiting for Bitcoin. The BTC rate will increase at least to the last year level. Since it has been already at the new first stage of the development, a new growing trend (exponential phase) should begin in the nearest future. In the current life cycle, according to Gurkha’s research, Bitcoin will reach the maximum level of $ 50,000, and the future cycles will allow the BTC rate to rise to the level of $ 250,000

The original article was published at https://cryptonewsmonitor.com/2018/09/30/bacteria-bio-may-help-account-for-bitcoin-movements/