Alert! does not issue bitcoin loans in Telegram chats

Dear users, be aware that bitcoin-backed loans can be issued only on the official websites of the Biterest company: P2P platform Biterest — and the platform of the instant crypto credit line Biterest Instant —

You can apply for a loan in only 3 ways by:

1. Accepting the lender's offer from the list on the page —

2. Publishing your own loan application on the page —

3. Making an instant loan request —

Biterest does not use the help of any agents on third-party sites, Telegram chats, groups on Facebook, other social media sites, etc.

Please let us know, if you see someone acting on our behalf — for example, you have found a fraudulent website or social media account with the Biterest logo, where you are offered to receive a bitcoin loan.

The official Biterest social media pages are:

On Twitter - and

On Facebook - and

On Telegram -

Our user from Malaysia notified us about a private chat in Telegram, where scammers act on our behalf!

For security reasons, we will not publish a link to that group. Getting into the chat is only possible with an invitation from the chat participant. The fraudsters in that private chat ask the users to transfer the collateral deposit of 10% the requested amount of loan in advance and fill out the form. The fraudsters then promise to send a loan within a few hours.

this is not

Attention! You can apply for a loan secured with bitcoin only on the official Biterest sites and