Biterest ICO is coming...

Biterest is a responsible company. We create the ICO only based on the actual achievements of the operating service, but not on plans, hypotheses and beautiful pictures.

We see the creation of a number of projects that clone Biterest, even in small things. We consider this is our achievement as well - the concept proposed by Biterest has been recognized and used as a model to emulate.

Our company has been working hard since 2016, and we didn’t announce the start of the ICO campaign for a long time. Due to internal resources of the company, we launched and tested an innovative service in practice. And we formed a user base and confirmed the Biterest’s model being in demand in the market. Finally, we announce the ICO only based on the results obtained during the real work of the service.

Brief schedule:

  • • White paper and ICO details – until the end of 2017
  • • Pre-ICO & Bounty Program for current users – January, 2018
  • • ICO – February, 2018

We carefully prepare the details, and they will be published on a special page .

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