The well-known crypto influencers who you should follow to stay tuned

Do you know the allies of Bitcoin who believe in it despite the long price decline? We have gathered the well-known representatives of the cryptocommunity who support and predict a bullish trend according to their financial experience. Subscribe to their Twitter accounts to stay always tuned for the latest news in the world of Bitcoin!

Thomas Lee @fundstrat He has been a leading investment strategist from the Wall Street since 1998. Tom Lee, the creator and head of research firm Fundstrat, regularly conducts market research and strengthens his optimistic attitude to Bitcoin. The results of the last survey show that more than half of institutional investors are confident that Bitcoin has already reached its bottom. He believes that if the 50 million wallets exist, they won’t let the cryptocurrency industry disappear and will only move it forward. What is his forecast? 20 thousand US dollars until the end of 2018


Tim Draper @TimDraper He is a world leading venture investor in technology companies in their initial stages. On his account, there are companies such as Skype, Tesla, Twitter. Draper believes that the future is cryptocurrency, which is replacing fiat money. He explains this by the fact that society has long needed a decentralized currency. He also believes that in 15 years Bitcoin will be capitalized at 80 trillion dollars. What is the forecast? $ 250,000 in 4 years.


Brothers Winklevoss@ winklevoss Probably, even those who are far from the world of cryptocurrencies know these bitcoin defenders. After a dramatic trial with Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook, the Winklevoss twins invested the money in Bitcoin, which was only 120 dollars at that time. After 6 years, the brothers became the first bitcoin billionaires in the world and now own about 1% of the total mass of BTC. The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, the venture fund Winklevoss Capital, and the Winkdex bitcoin index also belong to them. What is their prediction? $ 320,000 in 10-20 years


Mike Novogratz @novogratz The Forbes included Novogratz to the list of the TOP billionaires in 2008, but after the financial crisis he lost of his capital, therefore in 2010, he turned his attention to Bitcoin. He predicts that Bitcoin will become widespread currency within 5 years. Novogratz is a bitcoin-optimist and believes that each investor needs to keep at least 1% of his portfolio in this cryptocurrency. What is his forecast? BTC will reach 9 thousand dollars by the end of the year.


Dan Morehead @ dan_pantera He owns more than fifty projects related to bitcoin and blockchain in his investment portfolio. The hedge fund Pantera Capital which belongs to Morehead has reached a profitability of 10,000% since 2013.