What does the active member of the cryptocommunity look like?

47% of active participants of the blocking community live in Canada and the United States, 37% of them are in Europe, 9% - in Asia, 3% - in Central and South America, and 1% - in Africa. The majority of participants of the cryptocommunity are men - 95%, and only 5% are women. As for the age category, the most common group is 26-35 years (38%).

According to the survey, more than a half of the active users learned about cryptocurrencies in 2017 and 92% of participants bought cryptocurrency last year.

94% checked prices everyday: 56% do that once a day and 37% compulsively, every hour. 25% of respondents learn information about software development, 23% - learn information about the community, 18% - check only price changes, 13% - learn the change in volumes circulating on the market, 11% - learn information about regulation, panic, etc. 7% are attentive to the dynamics on the mining market and 4% delve into the supply volumes.


65% of community believe that regulation and rebound from prior over-speculation caused the price declines.


As for the survey of the Bitcoin status, 30% of respondents rated it as very positive, 38% - as moderately positive, another 18% - slightly positive, 8% took a neutral position, 3% noted a moderately negative opinion, another 4% - a moderately negative assessment. As a very negative assessment was not chosen by any of the respondents.

As the advantages of cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin, respondents specified 5 main factors:

  • cryptocurrency is a barrier from central banks and their monetary policy;
  • cryptocurrency is the solution to the problem of confidentiality and identification;
  • cryptocurrency is impossible to censor and change;
  • cryptocurrency is digital gold, protected from forgery;
  • cryptocurrency is an excellent payment and exchange solution.


It is noteworthy that the belief in cryptocurrencies among the crypto enthusiasts is so strong that the majority intends to save the crypto rather than transfer it into fiat, even when the market falls. The variant "Hodl" was chosen by 75% of the respondents.


In total, 7% of the surveyed became crypto-millionaires in 2017, which is a rather large indicator. Another 37% believe that they will become cryptomillionaires in 2018.


“HODL and buy new cryptoassets when the prices are decreasing” became a motto of the active part of the cryptocommunity.

Read the whole research here https://media.coindesk.com/uploads/research/state-of-blockchain/2017/q4/sob2017q4-2018.pdf