P2P lending of real money secured with Bitcoin collateral

P2P lending of real money secured with Bitcoin collateral

Safe and profitable for lenders and borrowers
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Loan secured with BTC collateral - favorable alternative to conservative investments

Your loan is secured with high liquidity asset and your rights for collateral are registered in blockchain


Low risks - investment is secured with high liquidity collateral


Guaranteed and higher return compare to other conservative investments


Manage your money anytime and in any place. Investment made in 5 minutes

You may choose a borrower and grant secured high-interest loan. We offer unique combination of risk and return on investment in the current market. Reliable and profitable alternative to conservative investment instruments (bank deposit, funds, real estate and “blue chips”).

Compared to bank deposit, loan secured with BTC collateral has significantly higher return with comparable risks. Compared to investments in other assets (funds, shares, real estate) you get comparable return with substantially lower risks.

Bitcoin is functioning as international payment system since 2009, immediately declaring itself as unique instrument in the modern world financial system and launching development of global crypto currencies ecosystem. Current total market capitalization of crypto currencies exceeds 100 billion USD.

Today Bitcoin became an integral part of everyday life, it's used for settlements around the world - from buying cup of coffee to buying houses.

390 billion USD
Market capitalization
3,063  million USD
Daily transaction volume
265 thousands
Daily number of transactions

Bitcoin - peer-to-peer payment system, using same-name settlement unit and same name data transfer protocol. To ensure functionality and security of the system, cryptography is used. All information about transactions available for public.

Transactions are irreversible, electronic settlements between two parties are made without intermediaries. However, there is a possibility to use a third party as trustee / security agent with help of multisignature protocol.

Media Quotes about bitcoin
  • Based on our model, we estimate that bitcoin's value per unit could be $20,000 to $55,000 by 2022. Investors should define strategies to gain from potential appreciation of BTC
  • From current levels, this has a minimum target that goes out to 3,212. There’s potential to extend as far as 3,915.
  • Bitcoin could hit $100,000 in 10 years, says the analyst who correctly called its $2,000 price
  • Legendary 67-year old investor Bill Miller holds 1% of his assets in Bitcoin
  • British Barlcays bank considers possibility of intregration of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies
  • $50,000 per Bitcoin within next decade: Standpoint research founder
Biterest interface: List of applications
How it works?
Borrowers place loan applications

If the application is placed at the listing on biterest.com, then it is already secured with collateral or the borrower is ready to promptly provide it with collateral by transferring bitcoins to a special multisig-address. The value of the collateral is higher than the loan amount because of the discount. The discounted collateral value insures you against the fluctuations of the bitcoin rate.

You select the loan application and accept it.

After accepting the loan application, the lender generates an access key to the collateral. It is the lender’s Private key to the multisig-address.

When the collateral is transferred to the multisig-address, the borrower’s payment details will become available to the lender to allow the transfer of funds. The lender always pays only the loan application secured with collateral (bitcoin).

You transfer the loan amount directly to the borrower

Payment details and transfer options are indicated in each loan application. Borrowers are responsible for providing correct information. Lenders are responsible for transfer of the amount in accordance with provided information

Biterest interface: Access to collateral
What’s next?
The Borrower repays your loan by the end of loan period.

Following repayment of the loan in full, Biterest sends its key to the lender and with 2 keys, the Lender retrieves the collateral BTC.

If the borrower has not repaid the loan on time, we send you Biterest key multisig-address with collateral, so with 2 keys, you may repossess and become owner of highly liquid collateral.

Biterest Dispute Resolution will resolve all disputes and conflict situations.

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What will happen if BTC rate declines?

The lender will repossess the collateral BTC and will recover the loan amount by selling BTC on the market.

If necessary, Biterest can assist the lender in liquidating collateral position.

Famous people about bitcoin
  • What will happen if BTC rate will drop sharply?

    To protect lenders from short-term volatility of BTC, we apply loan to value ratio of 70%. In other words, the amount of collateral BTC should be 30% higher than total amount of loan and interest due, based on BTC rate on the moment of placing loan application.

    30% ratio is determined based on retrospective analysis of BTC rate fluctuations. 30% higher value of collateral is mutually beneficial for both lenders and borrowers. BTC rate is constantly appreciating, but the rate might be affected by sharp short-term fluctuations. Applying loan to value of 70% (30% higher value of the collateral over loan and due interest amount) guarantees stability of the transaction for both lenders and borrowers.

  • How Is defined loan period and interest rate?

    Loan period and interest rate are defined by borrowers when placing loan applications. Lenders can choose loan applications matching their investment expectations.

  • In which currency the loan amount should be transferred?

    You have to transfer the loan amount in the currency indicated in the loan application. Today, Biterest allows placing loan applications in more than 60 currencies.

  • Which option to use for money transfer?

    Available are the following money transfer options: PayPal, QIWI, Webmoney, international bank transfer. When creating loan applications, borrowers select money transfer option. Money transfer fees are covered by the sender of the payment. Lenders transfer money directly to borrowers according to money transfer details indicated in the loan applications.

  • How can I turn the collateral into money?

    You will be able to sell collateral BTC on BTC-exchanges, online money-change sites, alternatively you may contact Biterest support for assistance.

  • What is Biterest’s commission?

    The Biterest commission paid by the creditor is 2.5% of the annual interest rate.