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Obtaining the Public key for multisig address

To create a multisig address, on which we will credit the collateral, we need your Public key.

Note: Multisig address will be automatically generated after we get Public keys of all three parties of the credit transaction. Public keys of the market, another party, and yours.

You can only send us the Public key in two ways: By generating a Public and a Private key in your browser with the Simple method on the collateral access page, or selecting Advanced method on that same page and uploading your Public key. Next, this guideline will explain how to obtain a Public key through Electrum purse and upload it to us if you chose the Advanced method.

Creating and uploading a Public key is only recommended to those who for whatever reason distrust the keys generated in browser via the Simple method.

Note: The uploaded key must have a paired Private key so that you can get access to your collateral. In this selected method the Seed-phrase will function as your Private key. You must keep the Seed-phrase until the end of the credit transaction.

To create a new Seed-phrase (it is your Private key to access the collateral) and a new Public key, you should:

  1. Create a new purse in Electrum.

  2. In the Install Wizard window, confirm the name of the new purse by clicking Next.

  1. Select Standard wallet. Click Next.

  1. Select Create a new seed. Click Next.

  1. You will be shown your Seed-phrase (sentence consisting of several words). You must write it down somewhere, then click Next.

Note: You should keep that phrase in a safe place until the end of the credit transaction. This phrase is your Private key to access the collateral.

In the next window you need to enter your previously written down Seed-phrase and click Next.

  1. Before Electrum creates a new purse, you will need to set a password. Click Next.
Note: Be sure to write down the specified password.

  1. You have created a new purse and you now have a Seed-phrase that is your private key. The only thing left to get is a Public key. To do this, in the Wallet tab click Master Public Keys.

  1. You will see a window with your Public key. Copy it.

  1. Paste the copied Public key into the corresponding field of the Advanced method of obtaining the key.

Click Continue to proceed to the next step of the credit transaction registration.

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