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The most private, safe and fast way of lending secured with bitcoin collateral

Operations with collateral

I lost my Private key / Seed-phrase. Can you provide it?

No. We do not store this information.

What of my data do you save when the system generates multisig addresses?

We keep only your Public key.

Is it possible to have multiple public keys to access a collateral?

No. Private keys are still required.

What are the ways to access a collateral?

If you have the necessary access keys, you can access the collateral through Electrum bitcoin purse or via the console with installed Bitcoin Core.

Why is Redeem Script needed?

Redeem Script simplifies the access to collateral when using the console. Users who want to access a collateral through Electrum don't need Redeem Script.

Do you have a problem or a question?

If you have a technical problem or other questions, please contact Support.

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